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Offering various products, including Polyester Resin, Liquid Resin, NPG-Based Resin, FRR Gel Coats, Unsaturated Polyester Resin, and more.

One notable company, Aypols Polymers Private Limited, is known worldwide for producing different grades of resins that meet international standards. We are the top supplier, exporter, and manufacturer of many kinds of resin created from quality components. We provide products such as GP Resins, Industrial Resin, Saturated Polyester Resin, FRR Gel Coats, and Unsaturated Polyester Resin.

To ensure the customer's total satisfaction, we have provided our products to a sizable global client base since our founding in 2018. We support several sectors, including automobiles, consumer goods, and marine construction, thanks to our technological knowledge in the area. Our firm has achieved incredible success in this industry in a short period. Under the leadership of our mentor, We now have a reputable position in this area because of his professional demeanor and extensive industry knowledge. He is an expert on current production practices and industry standards. 

Our Products 

We sell, manufacture, and export products that meet international standards and are composed of high-quality materials. Due to their greater quality, many clients are more interested in our products. We provide resins in different grades and varieties depending on the client's individual needs.

Quality Assurance

Since we are a quality-centric company, we always concentrate on producing high-quality resins like Industrial Resin, Saturated Polyester Resin, and GP Resins. Our state-of-the-art production facility creates our products using materials of the highest quality. We obtain our content from reputable companies with a proven track record in their fields. Our quality experts put the material through a thorough testing process before making the products. Our skilled quality analysts analyze every product while keeping quality as their top priority before assuring the consignment is delivered to the intended clients.


All necessary production facilities are part of our ultra-modern infrastructure. Modern manufacturing equipment and machines are well-equipped in it. All machines are improved and maintained to preserve the production process's excellent performance. We can handle any demand with our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment and are committed to delivering products on time.

Why Us?

Our business produces various resins that adhere to the industry's accepted quality standards, including Industrial Resin, FRR Gel Coats, GP Resins, and others. We provide our customers with top-notch products at very low costs, which they constantly appreciate. It is the main reason our business has built up a solid name in the cutthroat industry and consistently gets orders. Other factors that help us stand out in the cutthroat industry are listed below:

  • Adequate infrastructure
  • Monitoring device for quality
  • Specialists' group
  • An extensive network of distribution
  • Delivery of the shipment on schedule